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Natural Treatments that work…

Learn how holistic vets cure pets without using drugs and how you can do it too by using Herbal Medicine to the Rescue, Homeopathy to the Rescue, Flower Therapies and Acupressure's Potent Points.

Pet Remedy Treatment Charts are a step-by-step holistic home healthcare system offering natural solutions to healing dogs, cats, horses, pet birds, pet rats and urban raised chickens. The charts will enable you to confidently and easily use natural treatments in pet health care.

As pet owners, we're all guilty at the first sign of symptoms to wait and hope that they'll go away. This is when a pet really needs immediate attention and by using the treatments on the charts, now you can easily provide it and afford it too. Logically it makes good sense to treat early signs of illness and discomfort, before they have a chance to manifest into another trip to the vet for your pet.

Treatment Charts for Pets

Flower remedy treatment chart for cats.

Most people have heard about alternative treatments, but don't really know how to use them. We’ll show you how. In many cases, without using drugs you will be able to choose a natural remedy from the Treatment Charts and affordably medicate your pet using safe, side effect free, alternative healing methods.

Pet Meds

Herbal Medicine Treatment Chart for Dogs.

Pay for a prescription drug or use the charts and choose natural home treatments and remedies that are safer and may work just as well for your pet's health problems. Your pets body is genetically designed to be compatible with healing substances that are found in nature.

This is why we focus on 4 different healing modalities, providing the pet owner with the opportunity to use them all. We believe the charts in your hands are a reliable guide to the best healthcare alternative medicine has to offer.

Vet Bills

Avian Acupressure Treatment Chart

The charts were designed to give people information that can ease suffering or save their pet's life — not with the direct intention of saving pet owners money. However, it turns out people are reporting that they have been able to save a substantial amount in vet bills by putting the charts to use and holistically treating their pets at home.

There is a ‘Treatments List’ for for each chart that can be viewed on the specific animal pages. The treatments vary per chart and are extensive for each chart and animal.

The treatments are safe and side effect free. We do not believe that any animal has to be made to feel worse before they feel better. Hence, the medicines have a specific dosing guideline that is easy to follow.

Treating Your Pet Naturally

Homeopathic remedies for horses chart.

Many acute illnesses and acute stages of chronic disease in a sick pet can be treated and resolved at home, (sometimes within minutes or seconds, we're not kidding) using the holistic healing methods on the individual charts. Even if your pet has to be on conventional drugs you can still use natural medicine and treat the whole animal using Herbs, Homeopathic Remedies, Acupressure Points and Flower Remedies to supplement what is missing and what can be damaged by prescription drugs in conventional veterinary care.

We Come Highly Recommended

Pet Remedy treatment charts are used and endorsed by holistic veterinarians and have become part of the curriculum for teaching companion animal courses in colleges of natural medicine.

The treatment charts, can be purchased ‘separately’ or in ‘sets of four’ (Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy to the Rescue, Flower Essence Remedies and Acupressure Points) for dogs, cats, horses, birds, pet rats, as well as backyard raised chickens.

All of the charts are 9.5X11”. They are laminated with heavy UV approved 14 gauge laminate and are ‘double sided’. Visit the Treatment Chart links above in the navigation bar to see the healing modalities available for your pet.

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If you have a website store or a retail store and are interested in selling Pet Remedy Charts, treatment charts we look forward to becoming a part of your success.

Professionally, the charts can be used to teach veterinary holistic workshops in natural healthcare. They also make a great focal point for lectures. They have been used in schools of natural healing as part of their veterinary curriculum. If you are in a holistic healthcare profession and would like to become a retailer, be sure to visit our Wholesale Opportunities page.

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