Fear of Loud Noises in Dogs
Make Your Dog a "Thunder Dog"... Calm and Fearless!

Noise Anxiety - Fear of Loud Noises

Image shows dog with fear of noises
Whether for thunder, fireworks, wind, vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers or any other sound, ThunderShirt can help your dog's noise anxiety. And no training is required! For noise anxiety, just put on ThunderShirt and observe the results. Over 85% of ThunderShirt users see significant improvement in noise anxiety symptoms. Most dogs respond with the very first use; some need 2-3 uses before showing significant improvement. If you are aware of a noise trigger coming (e.g. thunderstorm on its way), put your dog's ThunderShirt on prior to your pet becoming anxious. But…it is fine to put ThunderShirt on AFTER your dog has become anxious; you will still see good results. In most cases, it is fine to leave your dog in his/her ThunderShirt for extended periods of time. Many dog owners will put their dog in their ThunderShirt prior to going to work if a storm is in the forecast.
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With over an 85% success rate and a money-back guarantee, why not try
ThunderShirt to calm your dog's fear of loud noises?
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