Pet_Nutrition - Healing With Whole Foods and Supplements
Pet Nutrition - Healing With Holistic Foods and Natural Supplements

The First Step to Preventing and Healing Chronic Disease

Basic Diet

The cornerstone of holistic practice in veterinary healthcare using the natural approach is dietary manipulation. Concepts of nutritional essentiality as it relates to chronic conditions in animals is rapidly changing. Now, many veterinarians will manage chronic diseases initially by simply changing or improving the pet's diet and waiting three to four weeks before trying further therapies.

Over the past few decades, for profit, the pet food industry has provided convenient and economical foods for domestic animals. Because the public has become comfortably numb with the idea that commercial pet foods provide complete and balanced nutrition for the life of the animal, basic diet is generally no longer considered an important factor in disease.

Pet owners and veterinarians have literally been trained to look elsewhere, other than the food bowl, for the causes of disease and treatment options. By ignoring the basic diet when advising pet owners, veterinarians and retailers are forgetting basic physiological principles: the importance of
fresh and varied foods in the diet and biochemical individuality. What consumers in their right minds would believe that food in a bag or can would provide all the nutrition they (personally) would ever need?
For keeping pets healthy the natural way, we recommend using Pet Remedy Charts, a Step-by-Step Holistic Home Healthcare System that will enable you to naturally treat your pet at home (without drugs) using safe, side effect free healing methods for
dogs, cats, horses, or birds.
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