Poultry Meat and Rice Recipe for Dogs
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Poultry Meat and Rice Diet for Dogs


1/3 pound (weight before cooking) poultry
2 cups rice, short grain, brown, cooked with 1/2 cup of extra water
1 Tablespoon sardines, canned in tomato sauce
1 Tablespoon vegetable oil (cold pressed)
1/4 teaspoon salt substitute - (potassium chloride)
1/10 teaspoon sea salt

Right before serving mix in:


Essential Fatty Acids — Toy breeds and small dogs 500 mg, Medium and Large dogs 1000 mg (in capsule form) of fish oil daily, (Carlson's fish oil capsules come from a very reputable source, who tests regularly for ocean contaminates).

Vitamins and Minerals
Add a vitamin and mineral supplement formulated for dogs. Dose according to label directions. Mix well into food right before serving. Pet Tabs or Canine Basic Nutrients made by Thorne Veterinary, are both reputable products.

Calcium Citramate - Calcium Malate together has demonstrated superb solubility and superior absorption when compared to other calcium salts. It has approximately six times the solubility of either calcium citrate or calcium malate individually.

Example dog dose for a human product containing 150 to 160 mg of Calcium Citramate-Calcium Malate supplement: 1/4 capsule for every 15 pounds of body weight, mixed into food twice daily.

Analysis: Provides 879 kilocalories, 43.1 grams protein, 37.3 grams of fat; supports caloric needs of 29 to 30 pound dog.

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