Hill's Lamb Rice Recipe for Dogs
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Hill's Lamb and Rice Recipe for Dogs

1/4 pound diced lamb
1 cup cooked white rice
1 teaspoon cold pressed vegetable oil

Calcium (human product)
Calcium Citramate - Calcium Malate together has demonstrated superb solubility and superior absorption when compared to other calcium salts. Example dog dose for a human product containing 150 to 160 mg of Calcium Citramate: 1/4 capsule for every 15 pounds of body weight, mixed into food twice daily.

Also add: a balanced canine vitamin and mineral supplement that meets the minimum daily requirement (MDR) for dogs.

Directions: Trim fat from the lamb. Cook (braise or roast) thoroughly without seasoning. Add remaining ingredients and mix well. Keep covered in refrigerator.

Analysis: Protein 7.0%, fat 10.0%, carbohydrate 14.0%, moisture 66.0%, metabolizable energy 795 kilocalories per pound.

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