Learn Natural Pet Healthcare
Holistic Treatments, Natural Remedies and Home Cures for Pets

Alternatives to Drugs and Surgery for Pets

The Learning Center features, how to articles on complimentary and alternative medicines, natural healing techniques and home treatments for dogs, cats, horses and birds.

Using the Pet Remedy Charts instruction and dosing guides, for homeopathic remedies, herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, acupressure and flower essence remedies (found on Side Two of each chart) you can match the article, to the charts healing method and broaden your home treatment database considerably. There will also be upcoming articles on veterinary anatomy and the body systems.

As a courtesy to Pet Remedy Chart users, this will be a continually growing, online database. Over time we will also be adding new information for pet owners and holistic professionals interested in the different methods of natural healthcare for pets.

Self-learning can be challenging. So we're here to help by giving you ideas and direction, information and inspiration.

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