How to Make Herbal Tea for Pets
How to Make a Medicinal Herbal Tea for Pets

A simple way of using herbs is to make a water infusion. An infusion is made pretty much the same way you would make an herbal tea. The water should be brought just to the ‘
beginning stages’ of a boil since vigorously boiling water will disperse the valuable volatile oils from the herbs in the steam.

Use this method for
flowers and the leafy parts of plants. It should be made fresh each day to maintain its medicinal qualities.


Stainless steel or glass pot or tea kettle.
Stainless steel or nylon strainer.
Covered glass jar for storage (a Mason canning jar with a lid works very well).

Put 1 teaspoon dried or 3 teaspoons fresh herbs into a teapot. Add 8 ounces of purified boiling water.
Cover and allow to steep for 10 to 15 minutes.

After steeping, pour the liquid through a strainer into a covered, glass container.

Store in a cool place. Most infusions will remain medicinal for about 24 hours if kept refrigerated.
Tip: You can freeze the liquid in ice cube trays. When frozen store the cubes in ziplock freezer bags and thaw them as needed.