How to Make Garlic Tea
Strengthen Your Pets Immune System With Garlic Tea
Herbal Medicines

How to Make Garlic Tea

Medicinal Uses:
Externally it can be used as a wash for infected or yeasty parts. Internally there’s almost nothing better to give the immune system a boost, kill germs and remove toxins than garlic tea. It can be given by oral syringe or mixed into your pet's food.
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Mince, press or slice 1 fresh garlic clove into a cup.

2. Pour in 8 ounces of hot water and cover the cup.

3. Allow to steep until room temperature.

4. Do not strain, the garlic will settle to the bottom of the cup.

The tea should be made fresh daily.

If your pet isn't wild about the taste or you think it needs a little pizazz, instead of using plain water, it can be made with beef or chicken broth to make it more enticing.

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