How to Make Garlic Oil for Ear Infection in Pets
How to Make Garlic Ear Oil

How to Make Garlic Ear Oil

Traditionally garlic oil is used for infections of bacterial or fungal origin, to aid in the treatment of inner ear infections, inner ear fluid and inner ear swelling. It can also be used in dogs and cat's ears for general cleaning and maintenance, or as a treatment for ear mites. In cases of inflammation, pain and infection, garlic oil is often combined 50/50 with Mullein oil, to compliment and broaden its healing capabilities.
how to make garlic ear oil

1 pint glass wide mouth jar (Mason canning jars work well)
Rubber band
Amber glass storage bottle and label
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1. Separate the individual cloves of garlic and peal off the excess paper. Pealing can be done easily, if you mash the clove first with the flat side of a knife blade. Chop the garlic into thin slices and place it in the jar.

2. Pour enough cold press, virgin olive oil over the top to completely cover the chopped garlic. Cover the top of the jar with a couple of layers of cheese cloth and secure tightly with a rubber band. Make sure the cheesecloth is stretched taunt across the top of the jar. If it sags and touches the oil it will wick out on to your counter or table. Let the mixture stand in a warm place for 10 to 14 days.

3. Strain the garlic from the oil and bottle. Label the bottle and store it in the refrigerator.

Application: For infection or mite infestations it can be applied by putting several drops in each ear 2 times a daily until the problem is resolved. For maintenance and cleaning, put several drops in the ear and massage the base of the canal. Allow the animal to shake its head then wipe any debris away with clean cotton balls. You should always warm the oil to body temperature before putting it in the animal's ears.

Caution: Garlic oil should not be used if the animal's eardrum is perforated.
How to make garlic ear oil
To preserve oils

This is only necessary if you are preparing large quantities that you intend to store.

Add 1/4 tsp. simple tincture of Benzoin to 1 cup olive oil. Benzoin tincture can be purchased at your local pharmacy or online.

Tincture of Benzoin is prepared from the gum of an Indonesian tree, Styrax Benzoin. Make sure it is simple tincture of Benzoin. Compound tincture of Benzoin, also known as Friars Balsam, is not suitable.

Another choice as a preservative is 500 I.U. of natural mixed Tocopherols or Vitamin E to 1 cup of garlic ear oil.


Herbal oils can be stored in the freezer for months. Just make sure to leave some head space in the bottle to make room for expansion when it freezes. You can remove the bottle and warm it under hot running water for a minute, then pour the melted oil out into an eyedropper bottle and put the rest back in the freezer. Store the bottle you are using on a regular basis in the refrigerator and warm it in a hot water bath to body temperature before each use.

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