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Pepsinum uses in veterinary medicine

Homeopathic remedy for

Poor or weak digestion also it can be alternated with other digestive remedies, e.g. Nux Vomica, to stimulate appetite. It can be used as a tonic also it can be alternated with other digestive remedies, e.g. Nux Vomica, to improve and stimulate the animal's appetite.

Pepsinum 30c, is a sarcode (see definition below) made from pepsin. Pepsin is a protein-digesting enzyme, which is active in the stomach. It acts to degrade or breakdown protein during the digestive process.

Homeopathic potencies of Pepsinum are made by triturating (grinding thoroughly) the secretory layer of a fresh pig's-stomach; by triturating the granulated stomach with lactose (sugar of milk); or by making the lower potencies of the liquid extracts with distilled water.

30c Potency.

Definition of Sarcode

A sarcode (iso-organotherapy, organotherapy) is a healthy glandular or tissue extract made into a homeopathic remedy (cf. NOSODE, a remedy made from diseased tissue or discharges).

When administered it acts to support and/or restore normal functioning of the respective tissue or organ by stimulating its normal function. Hering advocated the use of sarcodes as early as 1834.

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