Cocculus, Homeopathic Remedy for motion (car) sickness in dogs, Veterinary Materia Medica
Cocculus Indicus (Indian Cockle)

Homeopathic remedy for

Cocculus is associated with travel and motion sickness (car sickness, sea sickness and air sickness) . Nausea while riding in cars or boats.

  • Aversion to food
  • Nausea
  • Aversion to being in the open air (warm or cold)
  • Whirling dizziness upon rising
  • Nausea when riding in cars, boats or planes


>Better: In a warm room; when lying still.
< Worse:
After eating, after drinking after loss of sleep, open air, after riding in a car, boating, after emotional disturbance, walking.


Ferrum, Calc. Phos., Calc. Carb.


Coffea, Nux-V, Camp., Cham., Cupr., Ign.
Coceulus antidotes: Alcohol, Cham., Cupr., Ign., Nux-V.

6c, 12c or 30c potency.

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