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Calcarea fluorica (lime and fluoric acid)

Homeopathic remedy for

'Splints' and ringbone; exostoses - in horses
Chronic synovitis of the stifle (knee joint); old cruciate ligament injuries
A powerful remedy for malnutrition of bones
Useful after surgeries where it lessens the tendency for adhesions (scar tissue) to form
Many cases of cataract have undoubtedly been influenced favorably
Hard knots in the female breast

It has cured Spavin in horses (a disorder of the hock). In equine care, Calc. fluor. is indicated for disorders in hooves and connective tissue and for problems such as a lack of elasticity of the tissues and blood vessels resulting in brittle bone, bone bruises, dental problems, and circulation disorders. Its remedy picture includes bony formations and exostoses, bone and connective tissue lesions, splints, ringbone, sesamoiditis, sandcrack, founder, coffin bone problems, relaxation of connective tissue, ligament looseness, brittle bones, enlarged and painful joints, etc.

In homeopathic medicine, Calcarea Fluorica (calcium fluoride) is a "tissue salt" originally developed by Dr. Wilhelm Schussler to correct cellular imbalances. According to his work, this compound "is for impairment of elasticity of the muscle tissue and supporting membranes (muscular weakness, varicose veins, cracked skin, tendons)."


Strong need for reassurance
Attachment, dependency
Anxiety with fear of death (Calc, Kali-ar, Lyc, Nit-ac)
INDURATION of tissues, glands, tumors; stony hard
agg. Hot weather, sun
amel. EATING, agg. fasting
Left sided complaints
EXOSTOSIS, esp. with rheumatism/arthritis
Nodules in tendons.
Grass green discharges
Subcutaneous cysts; tumors of lids
Chronic suppuration of middle ear
Cracks in tongue; induration of tongue
Teeth break, crumble easily. Looseness DEFICIENT ENAMEL
Hard swelling of glands.
Always hungry. Emaciation with increased appetite


< Worse: Worse from rest, in damp, cloudy weather; in the evening.
> Better:
From heat and warm applications.


Con.; Baryt. mur.; Heckla Lava; Rhus.

Dosing: 2nd to 3rd trituration. A 'chronic' remedy. Needs some time before manifesting its effects. Should not be repeated too frequently.

For detailed
treatments and dosing instruction in veterinary homeopathy, we recommend using Pet Remedy Charts, 'Homeopathy to the Rescue' for dogs, cats, horses or birds.

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