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Aconite, veterinary materia medica, homeopathic remedies for animals

Aconitum napellus

Homeopathic remedy for

The primary state we associate with Aconite is
fear. These animals tend to be very fearful, even terror, or panic-stricken. It is very useful for traumatic conditions like accidents, earthquakes, and fires. Animals needing Aconite may pace frantically and look extremely anxious.

Aconite is for
shock, whether induced by physical or emotional trauma. The fear, anxiety and restlessness induced by shock are relieved by Aconitum.

Physical symptoms that indicate the use of Aconitum tend to be
sudden and intense, and very pronounced.

Aconite's proving describe a full, bounding pulse and
tachycardia but in practice, shock which has induced a weak, rapid pulse will also respond to Aconite.

Aconite's picture of
hemorrhage is sudden and profuse; the blood will be bright red. Hence, it works very will in cases of nosebleed.

Similar symptoms of fear and restlessness are seen in animals suffering from a
high fever, and this represents the second major indication for Aconitum; administration of Aconite at the very first onset of fever or feeling ill, before any pathological changes have appeared, will often bring about rapid recovery.

This remedy works best if given immediately or within the first 24 to 48 hours of the onset of the illness.

When prescribing Aconite remember Aconite causes only functional disturbance, there is no evidence that it can produce tissue change - its action is brief and shows no periodicity. Its sphere is in the beginning of an acute disease and not to be continued after pathological change comes.


  • Sudden Onset
  • Fear
  • Fright
  • Apprehension
  • Panic
  • Shock
  • Fever


Sulphur may be considered a "chronic" Aconite. It often completes a cure begun with Aconite.


Worse <
at night, for cold dry winds, light and noise.
Better > for open air and rest.

Human Note: In some cases, Aconitum has been known to almost instantly stop severe tachycardia. If you or someone you know suffers this problem a 30C dose may help. 1 or 2 pilules at the earliest onset of rapid heartbeat, then sit or lie down. Generally, one dose will calm the heart, even if there is a mitral valve problem.

6c to 30c potency according to the susceptibility of the patient. In acute conditions it should be repeated frequently.

For detailed treatments and dosing instruction in veterinary homeopathy, we recommend using Pet Remedy Charts, 'Homeopathy to the Rescue' for dogs, cats, horses or birds.

Please Note: Any information given in this website is not intended to be taken as a replacement for medical advice. Anyone with an animal with a medical condition requiring veterinary attention should consult a qualified DVM practitioner or veterinary emergency care clinic.
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