Veterinary Homeopathic Remedies for Fleas and Ticks
Natural Flea Control, Getting Rid of Fleas

Homeopathic Remedy for Fleas and Ticks

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Repel and control fleas on dogs and cats naturally using the homeopathic nosode,
Psorinum 30c. It is totally natural, economical, non-toxic (to kids, pets and the environment) and can safely be given to a dog or cat for fleas. Even better, it makes attacks by ticks more difficult; this helps the pet to fight more effectively against. tick diseases or Lyme disease in dogs.

Psorinum is also effective in the treatment of flea and tick collar, insecticide intolerance, or ineffectiveness. Hardy fleas will become immune to the commercial insecticides used in flea collars.

This remedy is also good for sporting or hunting dogs who have been out too long in the elements.

The guiding symptoms which point to the use of Psorinum are, the skin will have an offensive musky smell, there is intolerable itching and the animal seeks warmth.

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