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Equine Anatomy Chart

Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology

With concise descriptions of body layouts and systems, the Horse Anatomy Chart is a vital learning tool for those who are looking for quick and easy ways of assimilating information about equine anatomy and physiology; veterinary technicians, students of veterinary nursing and animal care as well as pet owners wanting to take a more proactive roll in their companion animal's home healthcare will find the chart particularly invaluable.

Equine Anatomy Chart - Learn Horse Anatomy


Equine Design and the Horse's Body Systems

Understanding equine anatomy is not only useful to the animal professional, but also the average horse owner. By knowing about the horse's body, you can often detect a health issue early and address it before it becomes a serious problem.

The chart is beautifully illustrated and double sided which gives easy access to vital facts in the essentials of equine anatomy. It works as a learning guide, workshop teaching tool and an everyday, in-clinic visual aid and source of information for clients, making it essential for all those studying for and working in the veterinary and animal care professions.

Double sided. Size: 8.5 X 11. UV protected with heavy gauge laminate.

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