Book of Veterinary Homeopathy - How to Give Homeopathic Remedies to Animals
How to Give Homeopathic Remedies to Pets

Fast Forward to the Cure

Veterinary Homeopathy - The Art of Dosing

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How to Speed Your Pets Healing Time by 1/4 to 1/2 or More!

This is the only reference dedicated to instruction in the advanced methods of
'Dynamic Dosing' in the homeopathic treatment of animals. This easy to follow, fast forward guide, takes all the guess work out of how to dose, what potency to choose and how often to give a remedy. Following the methods of Dynamic Dosing, can strongly improve the success of a homeopathic treatment and can reduce the animals healing time dramatically.

Whether you have a dog, cat, horse, bird, or pet rat, this guide will be indispensable.

Published in an eBook format that you can instantly download and start using now. Laid out for easy on screen viewing and accessibility. It can be used on any laptop or desktop computer, tablets and iPads equipped to read PDF files (See
'System Requirements' at the bottom of this page). You can also print single pages or the entire volume, for a hard copy you can take anywhere.

If you are a professional, or brand new to veterinary homeopathy this is a must have!

What's inside...
13 Chapters and 1,116 pages!
Veterinary Materia Medica (Remedies and Their Symptoms)
Homeopathic Treatments (Rx Ailment Index and Remedies)
Therapeutic Veterinary Repertories (for Dogs, Cats, Horses, Birds, Farm Animals and Wildlife)
Successful Techniques on How to Take a Case
How to Use a Repertory to Find the Remedy
Printable Case Taking and Repertorization Forms
How to Choose the Correct Potency
When to Raise the Potency
How to Give the Dose to Animals
The Methods of 'Dynamic Dosing'
When to Change a Remedy
Preparation and Dosing Instructions for: Dry Pills, Liquid Remedies, and The Split Dose Method in the C and LM Potencies
How to Preserve a Remedy
How to Prepare a Remedy for Olfaction (inhalation dosing)
Skin Dosing (transdermal applications)
How to Use the Plussing Method in the Treatment of Cancer
Homeopathic Treatment Guidelines for Dosing Neonates (young animals) and Senior Pets
Homeopathic Methods for Treating Acute Diseases
How to Homeopathically Treat Chronic Disease
How to Make Your Own, Homeopathic Topical Creams and Gels, Lotions and Oils (Hypercal, Hypericum, Calendula)
Materia Medica of the Nosodes and How to Use Nosodes in the Prevention of Disease
How to Give Homeopathic Animal Vaccines
Schuessler's Cell Salts (Nutritional Homeopathy). Cell Salt Materia Medica, Biochemic First Aid, How to Dose the Cell Salts.
Lots of Charts and Printable Illustrations.
Plus a WHOLE BUNCH More!

Customer Reviews...

Clarice, MD
I am currently studying for my Bachelor of Homeopathy and have two cats, and this book is the best that I have read on the subject. It's very informative, practical, and easy to use as a reference text, but it also makes a very interesting read as it gives some amazing insights into how to use homeopathy in animal health care. I used one of the treatment methods on one of my cats who has suffered from gastrointestinal disease all his life (which was not curable with conventional medicine) and after only 2 doses all his symptoms went away completely and he has been 100% ever since. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to know how to treat their pets using homeopathy.

Marion, CO
The author of this book clearly knows the subject inside and out. I have a little experiential background in homeopathy because I have had friends in the field, but I am no professional and was always afraid to attempt anything for my dogs, but this ebook is so clear that anyone can use the information to help their pet. It's super user-friendly, educational enough without overloading your brain and really practical. I would recommend this with no hesitation.

Wanda, CA
I think this book may literally have saved my cat's life, from dying of acute kidney failure. She had a problematic set of blood tests and all the vet could suggest was subQ hydration and low-protein foods that were left uneaten. The remedy and dosing methods in this book have made ALL the difference. My senior kitty laps the remedy down in a little bit of cream and after 2 weeks her blood tests are improving by leaps and bounds and so is she. You won't regret getting this book.

Candy, TX
If anyone cares about their pet/best friend as I do, this ebook will hold the supreme honor amongst all your books. Please share what you learn from it (you'll learn a lot) with others.

Blake, WY
Being an avid animal lover, I have about 25 natural animal care books on my shelf. This is my NUMBER ONE all time most used reference for dog care. I highly recommend this to anyone with pets.

Judith, KC
I've saved ten times over what I paid for the book in just making my own homeopathic creams. I use a lot of Hypercal and calendula cream and following the instructions, it was easy to make my own. It works just as well as what I was buying at high dollar from Boiron Homeopathics. You can't go wrong, this is an awesome book.

Laura, NY
I recently adopted a dog from the shelter. I brought him home with a runny nose that turned into kennel cough. My vet put him on an antibiotic and a pill for the cough. Neither one was helping. I used this book and two remedies and was able to control the cough and bring his 104 temperature down. I'm impressed.

Tiffany, CA
OMG...I just downloaded the book, this is a must have! It could replace every book in my homeopathic library, and believe me I have tons. What an awesome find!!!

Dameon, AU
I have just about read every animal homeopathy book out there and they all seem to skirt around all the important stuff, you really want to know. Not this one - get it. I promise you won't be disappointed. I love this book.

Yasmina, VA
I have just downloaded the, what a labor of love it is! What a surprise, I had no idea it had so many pages! I can't believe it. It's huge.

Thank you very much!!! It's fantastic!!!! Now I have something to carry with me on my trips, and my husband will not complain about the library I carry with me wherever I go (although he doesn't do the lifting). can't thank you enough.


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