Acupressure Treatment List for Birds

From the chart you can choose the points that match the bird’s symptoms. The corrosponding points associated to the symptoms are the ones you will use during an acupressure session.


Acute Respiratory Disease, Fever, Wing Weakness

Colds, Fever, Trachetis,. Drooping Wing

Neck Stiffness, Respiratory Disease, weak Carpus (wrist)

Facial Swelling, Eye Pain, Egg Binding, Diarrhea

Abdominal Pain, Wing Syndromes

Elbow Pain, Abdominal Pain and Regurgitation

Eye Problems, Facial Drooping and Swelling, Neck Pain and Stiffness

Joint Inflammation, Painful Knee Swelling, Leg Weakness, Arthritis

Points to Tonify Qi and Blood, Raises Yang Body Strength

Respiratory Disease, Muscle Atrophy and Weak Mentally


Hock and Digit, Pharyngitis

Egg Binding, Cloacal Prolapse, leg Paralysis/Pain

Distended Abdomen, Edema, Diarrhea, Knee Pain

Blood Disorders, Urticaria, Arthritis Pain

Mental Disorders, Epilepsy, Feather Picking, Anxiety

Rigid Neck, Wing Contracture, Back Problems

Mental Disorders, Irritability, Epilepsy

Respiratory Disease, Infection, Fever

Crop Disease, Regurgitation, Vomiting, Indigestion

Maldigestion, Indigestion, Diarrhea, Vomiting

Lower Abdominal Pain, Diarrhea

Liver Disease, eye infection, inflamed Cloaca

Pain in Lower Back, Liver and Cloacal Disorders, Skin Disorders


Inflammation, Pain and Swelling of feet and Knee

Pain in Back, Shoulder and wing, Egg Binding

Epilepsy, Mental Confusion, Pain in Back and Legs

Mind Calming, Tonify Yin, Removes Yin-Heat

Infertility, Sore Throat, Back Pain, Insomnia

Mental Disorder, Pain, Epilepsy, Fever

Gastric Pain, Regurgitation, Panic, Epilepsy

Movement Problems in Wing, Behavior Problems

Eye Problems, Expel Wind, Pain Relief

Pain and Paralysis of Back and Legs

Relieve Itching, Inflammation, Swelling and Difficult Leg Movement

Loss of Appetite, Mental Depression, Prolapse

Diarrhea, Mental Depression, Cloacal (cavity of release for feces) Prolapse

All Respiratory Diseases

Mental Stress, Depression, Cloacal Prolapse