Home Remedies for pets - The Alternatives to Drugs and Surgery
Home Remedies for Pets
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Home Remedies for Pets

Pet Remedy Charts are a step-by-step holistic home healthcare system, which offers natural treatments for dogs, for cats, for horses, for birds. Pet Remedy Charts enable you to confidently and easily use herbs, homeopathy, flower remedies and acupressure, in pet health care.

Most people have heard about alternative treatments, but don't really know how to use them. Pet Remedy Charts, will show you how. In many cases, without using drugs you will be able to choose a natural remedy from the treatment charts and affordably medicate your pet using safe, side effect free, alternative healing methods.

Pet Meds

Pay for a prescription drug or use the charts and choose natural home treatments and remedies that are safer and will work just as well for your pet's problems.

Conventional veterinary medicine too often uses drugs that have the potential to harm our pets. Pet Remedy Charts can show you what you can do to avoid using drugs whenever possible. Standard care has lost its effectiveness by relying on suppressing disease and the overuse of medications, and in some cases, over time or quite rapidly, these medicines can actually cause side effects, residual disease or even prove to be fatal to our pets.


The charts were designed to give people information that can ease suffering or save their pet's life — not with the direct intention of saving pet owners money. However, it turns out people are reporting that they have been able to save a substantial amount in vet bills by putting the charts to use and holistically treating their pets at home.
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Natural Treatments

Each chart contains a detailed dosage guide, treatment strategies, and the ailments and remedies specific to the animal. You can preview a 'Treatment List' for each chart, on the dog, cat, horse and bird, pet rat and urban chicken pages. Many acute illnesses and acute stages of chronic disease in a sick dog, sick cat, sick horse, sick bird, a sick pet rat or illnesses of urban and backyard chickens can be treated and resolved at home, (sometimes within minutes or seconds, we're not kidding) using the natural healing methods on the individual charts.
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We Come Highly Recommended

Pet Remedy Charts, are used and endorsed by holistic veterinarians and have become part of the curriculum for teaching companion animal courses in colleges of natural medicine.

Pet Remedy Carts, can be purchased separately or in sets for dogs, cats, horses, parrots and pet birds, pet rats, as well as urban raised chickens.

As pet owners, we're all guilty at the first sign of symptoms to wait and hope that they'll go away. This is when a pet really needs immediate attention and by using the charts, now you can easily provide it and afford it too. Logically it makes good sense to treat early signs of illness and discomfort, before they have a chance to manifest into another trip to the vet for your pet.

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