Herbal Treatment List for Horses

Herbal Treatments For:

Thrush (frog)

Herbal Diuretics for Edema (reduce fluid around the lungs, heart or abdomen)

Appetite Stimulant

Spasmodic Colic

Impactive Colic


Infected Lesions

Leg Ulcers

Gangrenous Wounds

Hot Spots

Old Sores That Won’t Heal

Moist Eczema


Equine Lymphangitis
Lymphatic System Support

Immune Stimulants

Stocked Up Legs

Autoimmune Disorders

Cancerous Tumor



Fever Reducing Herbs

Preventatives for Exposure to Contagious Diseases

Cardiac Tonic, Vasodilator

High Blood Pressure

Poor Circulation

Weak Heart

Inflammation of the Mucous Membranes

Mouth ulcers



Gastrointestinal Inflammation

Herbal Alternatives to Antibiotics

Bacterial Infections

Viral Infections

Fungal/Yeast Infections

Eye Infections

Mouth Infections

Respiratory Viruses

Expectorant Herbs

Liver Disease

Hepatic Lipidosis (fatty liver)


Prevent Liver Damage Due to Poisons

Gastrointestinal Problems

Diarrhea (chronic)

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Scours in Foals

Gastric Ulcers (bleeding ulcers)


Stomach Pain (relax cramping)

Intestinal Gas

Intestinal Cramping

Lymphatic Drainage

Circulation Stimulants

Antioxidant Herbs


Herbal Alternative to Corticosteroids

Bone and Soft Tissue Problems

Improve Blood Supply to the Joints

Improve Joint Suppleness

Potent Anti-Anti-Inflammatory Herbs